serenity and dream

This time in my life is so strange. How can I be so fortunate with my friends, yet so unfortunate in love? The only love from men I am getting is a secondhanded, materialistic and all-destructing one. It is scary. And the reason why it is scary, is because we are what we attract. I […]

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your eyes are beautiful

they told me that my eyes are of the colour of the sky   they meant: a calm, clear, lovely afternoon’s sky   but they were wrong   my eyes are of the colour of the sky just before the unstoppable, incontrollable, dangerous storm   and if you are not careful enough those eyes might […]

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fuck all

Fuck. I haven’t written in a while. Hello. How are you all doing? I have been thinking a lot, deciding to do so much and doing nothing at the end. Classic.   I am still inlove with the guy who doesn’t even like me. I am still selling my whole body for him just to […]

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Winter Love Affair

The snowflake engages in dancing around softly, As if endeavouring the view. It sees, it tries to guess who is she – This girl with eyes like an ocean – so blue.   It carefully caresses her cheek Being drawn by her warmth. What it feels is so new, so unique, So it goes more […]

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