Winter Love Affair

The snowflake engages in dancing around softly,

As if endeavouring the view.

It sees, it tries to guess who is she –

This girl with eyes like an ocean – so blue.


It carefully caresses her cheek

Being drawn by her warmth.

What it feels is so new, so unique,

So it goes more and more south.


It wants to stop at her lips

But is afraid of what it might mean.

So instead, it hassles, it skips,

Disappearing in the future unforeseen.


And it appears that the moment is lost,

That it was never meant to be that way,

That the kiss, the paths never will cross,

And the days will again be just grey.


But wait, what do we see?

The blue-eyed girl reaches out her hand

Exposing the glove with a garden full of daisies,

Showing the snowflake that she wants it to land.


New emotions start the unstoppable twirl,

The passion takes them away,

This is a story of how the blue-eyed girl

Found a snowflake that wanted to stay.


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