The last thoughts of my 24-year-old self

Here I am, sitting in my quirky flat’s living room and eating barbeque chicken wings, when my flat-mate is playing some chill music. It is the last hour when I am 24. I am calm at heart. And happy.

24. 24 years have passed since my beloved mum gave birth to me. I like to reflect on my life, especially on such a special day like a day before my birthday. Hence, when I look back at what was happening in my life when I just started it as a 24 year old blossoming girl, I can see that the last year was a real roller-coaster.


Summer of 24 was incredibly bittersweet. I started working at MasterCard at Canary Wharf in London, which I dreamt about for millions of years. It was an incredibly amazing experience, but it left me with my dream-wings a bit broken and a clear vision for my future – I want to work for a technology company. During that summer I also got my heart completely broken, I made new friends and I was hospitalized for a number of days. With the summer ending, an old chapter of my life has also finished – I was officially not a student anymore. Free, naïve and hear-broken – a dangerous mix.


The autumn of 2016 began horrifically with my granddad passing away, me being unemployed in a flat that made me feel so lonely and sad, and having no hopes for the future. So, I started learning French and Mandarin. Bit by bit, my life returned to normality. I found a job as a secret agent. I went out with a French guy and then one day I met an Austrian one at my workplace.


Winter was like a pot of different emotions compressed together. I started seeing the Austrian guy, which made me so happy. But his emotional remoteness always confused me. I started getting asked for dates by many guys. I traveled a lot. I felt alive.


Spring of 2017 was marked by me making one of my old wishes coming true – I started playing drums. And then I made another dream come true too – I visited Iceland with my bestest friend Saeid. I also moved to a new flat with new flat-mates who make me incredibly happy. Spring was very good.
Several days ago, the summer of 2017 has started. I can’t wait for tomorrow when all of my dearest friends gather together to celebrate my birthday at my garden. I love them all and I miss them too.


During the last day of 24 I feel fulfilled, happy and ready for whatever life throws at me next year. I am a stronger person. I still wear heart at my sleeve and I am capable of dreaming. I am still the same Justyna when I was 12, I am still the same as I was last year – and this is what I think is the most important in life. Just to be yourself.


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